But I was told by her she ended up being 18. Will be lied to a defense to Statutory Rape?

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But I was told by her she ended up being 18. Will be lied to a defense to Statutory Rape?

What the law states of Statutory rape in Tennessee is available at Tennessee Code Annotated Title 39 Chapter 13, component 506 (T.C.A. 39-13-506), and Title 39 Chapter 13, component 532 (T.C.A. 39-13-532). Statutory rape may be the intimate penetration of the minor that is older than 12 but underneath the chronilogical age of 18 additionally the defendant are at minimum four years more than the victim. The penalties increase greatly if statutory rape is committed by a person acting as an authority figure over the victim.

For legal reasons a cannot that is minor consent. Consequently no matter if the small did actually permission as well as she was the aggressor and initiated the sexual relationship with the adult consent is not a defense to the crime of statutory rape if he or. Often the only viable defense obtainable in statutory rape could be the protection that there was no penetration that is sexual.

But, what the results are if the looked that is minor acted, and reported to be avove the age of 18 years of age? We have heard about some attorneys advising that an adults mistaken belief that a small was at reality of age just isn’t a defense and therefore statutory rape is consequently a strict obligation crime.

Consequently, in every state where statutory rape is being used as a strict obligation criminal activity in my opinion the Elonis choice could be used to argue that any conviction for statutory rape in relation to strict obligation will be unconstitutional.

To sum up, if a small looked, acted, and claimed I believe that a Defendant??™s good faith mistaken belief that the victim was an adult would be a defense to the crime of statutory rape that she was 18 and there were no facts to suggest to the Defendant that the victim was under age.

Brent Horst, Board Certified Criminal test professional by the NBTA Licensed in Tennessee and Florida.

This short article is for basic purposes that are informational and it is maybe not meant as appropriate advise. The writer will not justify that the given info is present following the date that this article is very first published. Constantly consult with a lawyer that is qualified talk about the specific facts of one’s instance.

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